Management Team

Melina A. Khachoo 
President / CEO

Strategic Financial partner with balance
of operational and Financial acumen.

Andres G. Gutierrez 

Andres Gutierrez is responsible for operations at Avian.
With close to a decade of experience in premium financing Andres was instrumental in building the company and always seeks to find innovative solutions to help operations provide the best-in-class customer service.

Mission Statement

Avian Premium Finance Inc. was founded under the ideals of innovation, simplicity and true business partnerships. We provide our agents and brokers with the state of the art technology and support that they need in this high demand industry. After years of red tape and nepotism, Avian Premium Finance was born to break out of the corporate chains and truly support our brokers and agents. Our program is built to be used effortlessly and has many unique products and services innovated to meet the needs of our brokers. We always seek to create a long lasting business relationship with a great customer service team that strives to make your agency successful.