Take Off To New Heights With
Avian Premium Finance

Avian Premium Finance offers you the ability to finance your broker fees.

We understand the hard work it takes to close insurance policies.

We would like to help in keeping your down payment low by financing your broker fees.

Yes, $0.00 collected in the down payment!!!

Add 0% to 4% of amount financed as a Producer Fee that is fully earned after first payment.

Add up to 8 APR points on each finance agreement and increase your revenue.

Your client is rate sensitive? Add a Finance Broker Fee*. Increase your revenue without increasing the rate.

Does Avian Finance Broker Fees?

Avian Premium Finance offers a great program offering agents the ability to finance their broker fees to avoid a higher down payment. Call us for details.

*If Applicable by law

24/7 online access to our cloud based software.

We bring technology to your fingertips.

•  Real-time Quoting
•  Online Payments
•  Electonically Sign Agreements
•  Choice od Billing Options
•  Online Endorsements
•  Email Notifications
•  Private Label Options

5% reduction in down payment on accounts with prior coverage. Iwith same or greater premium.

Are you trying to win the business from a competitor? Yes, we will give you the discount on that renewal!!

Prior Coverage

Insured must have had insurance coverage the prior year with no lapse.

Minimum Earned Premium

Is the amount of earned premium the insurance company retains regardless if the policy is cancelled.


DMV filings are required by state law on trucking liability policies.
Is the amount of earned premium the insurance company retains regardless if the policy is cancelled.

What does this mean in layman’s terms?
The insurance policy will be extended anywhere from 30 to 60 days by the carrier.

What does this mean for the insured?
He/She will have insurance coverage while the policy is being extended.

What does this mean for the loan?
The loan with Avian Premium Finance Inc., will have a remaining balance due to the extension of cancellation unless the client continues to make payments to us.

*1 With filings no lower than 20% DP
*2 Lowest Down payment amount 12%

Live customer service support who understand the Property and Casualty industry.

Multi-lingual Customer Service.

•  Spanish
•  Armenian

At Avian Premium Finance we understand the importance of having your policies paid as soon as possible. We work closely with the general agents to customize our funding methods to have policies paid efficiently.

•  ACH
•  Fax
•  Wire
•  Check

•  Avian Premium Finance cares to keep your policies active and help you retain all your commission.

•  We will call your insureds on the day of cancellation to have insured make payment and avoid the cancellation.

You want us to call you? We will customize this service to your needs. Send us an email.

Types of payments we accept

•  Checks → Mail in
•  ACH → Automated monthly deduction from your clients account Get Setup Form here
•  Fax a check (Fax #)
•  Walk in Cash [Address here]
•  Check by phone
•  Make payment with broker to upload to website
•  Credit Cards
•  Money Gram
•  Email a payment Payments@AvianPremiumFinance.com

Avian Premium Finance understands every broker or agent has different needs.

We cater to our agents on a personal level.

•  Customized automatic reports.
•  How you would like our retention team to contact your insured when policy is pending cancellation.
•  Any special requests Avian would love to help you. Send us an Email.